My laptop is connected to the monitors you see above via a Sony usb docking station. 
This docking station was not suitable for use with Windows 10.

By finding and installing the right software and connecting one of the monitors via the VGA portal on my laptop* i was able to connect both monitors to my laptop.

* Connect the first screen to your laptop's VGA or HDMI jack and the second to the dock station.

Works for 32 & 64 bits
Windows 7-10 drivers Sony docking station VGP UPR1 (download 217 mb)

Works with Windows 10 versions 1507, 1511, 1607 and 1809,1903, 1909
Not with 1703, 1709,1803.

Install instructions.
Windows 10

Connect the dockstation to the laptop.
Connect 1 screen to the DVI connection from the dock station
And the second screen with your laptop.
You can possibly use a special connetion for that from VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI or VGA to DVI, depending from the connetion you have.
Depending on the type of laptop, you may need to use a VGA od DVI cable on the docking station. If it does not work with VGA then use a DVI cable.

When it's connected, go to device management

FEN-U01 is the internet connection from the dockstation.

Click on siinst.exe to install.

Go to Device Manager and click on SONY VGP-UPR. And then navigate to the folder with that software.

For the SONY VGP-UPR1 you also need to install the usb displaylink.

Restart the machine.
Click anywhere on the desktop with the right mouse button and click on display settings.

On the left should be the desktop and on the right an empty screen.
You can change the screens in the display settings.
If the desktop remains on the right and a blank screen on the left, change the cables.
It's a bit of a struggle with the display settings and cables.
You can also change the resolution of each screen so that you get a full screen.

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